Places To Have A Birthday Party For Kids

Your child‘s birthday party is likely one of his most anticipated events of the entire year. Finding a place to host his party, while making it somewhat manageable to your budget, can turn into a stressful nightmare if you don’t plan it out right. Think about your child, how many friends he’d like to invite, what kinds of activities the children enjoy, and your budget to help narrow down your choices. Does this Spark an idea?


One of the simplest ways to host a birthday party for your child is by contacting a pizza place, ice cream parlor or other restaurant kids enjoy. Many pizza outfits offer games, prizes and entertainment for the children, which can save you time, however they are typically costly.

Many community centers or public parks offer barbecue grills, where you could make hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids. Then they can play on the playground equipment, use the pool (if applicable) or enjoy organized games that you set up and oversee. Check with the park or center about the reservation process and any rules or restrictions they may have.

Your own backyard can become a safe playground. You can cookout or order pizza, play games or rent a bounce house.

Fun-and-Game Related

Amusement parks, miniature golf courses, go-kart tracks, laser tag or paintball complexes, skating rinks and bowling alleys are all possible places to host a birthday party for your child where the clean up and entertainment are taken care of for you. Many of these examples work best for older children and teens. To cut down on costs, consider limiting the number of guests.

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Consider offering an experience for your child and her friends. Younger children might enjoy a trip to the zoo. Museums offer a learning experience that many kids enjoy, particularly if you choose a children’s museum. Many cities have companies or locations that specialize in themed parties such as superhero, princess or tea parties. Taking the children to a dude ranch or stable for riding lessons might offer an acceptable substitution for your child if a pony on the wish list is not feasible. Art and pottery studios generally offer party specials for which the kids can receive a lesson and/or create and paint their own pieces. This easily takes care of providing something for the children to do as well as a favor for each child to take home. For a tween or young teen, consider letting the kids go to the movies or romp through the local mall by themselves for a few hours, particularly if they’ve never been allowed to. Get permission from each parent, set specific ground rules, and make sure at least one of the kids has a cell phone so you can easily get in touch. Give them each a little bit of cash for food, snacks or general shopping. Add excitement to the trip by creating a scavenger hunt.