Places To Have A Teen’S Party

If you are planning a party for teenagers, coming up with a location can be challenging. The party locations your teen enjoyed as a child are now out of the question. However, there are many possible party locations where your teen and his friends can get together and enjoy a memorable occasion.

Amusement Park

If your teenager and his friends love thrill rides, a full day at a large amusement park may be the perfect party solution. If you know well in advance this is what he wants to do, have him ask his friends if their parents will allow them to attend a party at the park. When each teen knows whether he can go and what day, pre-order the tickets for the determined date. Also, call the park and see if there is a place designated for having parties, such as a private area where the teens can enjoy refreshments. If there is, you may want to reserve this area, as well. Some parks are open all night and provide night-time entertainment, so take that into consideration when planning the day and getting permission from parents.


If rugged outdoor activities are more to your teenager’s liking, reserving a picnic area at a nearby campground can make for an enjoyable party. If the spot is near a large body of water and the party takes place during the hot months of the year, your teen and her guests can fish, swim and canoe, in addition to playing outdoor games, enjoying nature and eating roasted marshmallows around a campfire after sunset.

Sporting Event

If your teen is a sports fan, purchasing tickets so he and his friends can attend a professional sporting event makes for a terrific party. The group can also grab a bite to eat before the big game at your teen’s favorite restaurant, adding to their pre-game excitement.


It may sound ordinary, but having a party at home allows versatility in planning your teen’s event. One option for a home party is a flashback party, where the teens can turn back the clock by playing some of their favorite childhood games, such as musical chairs, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” and hot potato. If you have a lot of land at your home, your teens can play a game of flag football or capture the flag. If you live outside of the city limits, they can even organize a game of paintball if each teen owns his own gear and the required safety equipment. You can additionally rent paintball equipment for the teens to use.