Places To Have A Thirteenth Birthday Party

Bowling lanes can be pre-booked for birthday parties.

A 13th-birthday party is a special occasion, as it marks the official shift from childhood to the teenage years. Thirteenth-birthday parties do not need to be expensive to be successful. When choosing a location for a 13th-birthday party, the party host should consider the guest of honor’s personality and whether the location will accommodate her interests. Does this Spark an idea?

Bowling Alley

Host the 13th-birthday party at a bowling alley on a night when they offer cosmic bowling. Bowling is age-appropriate but not childish and therefore is an excellent activity for young teenagers. With black lights and loud music, cosmic bowling is even more exciting. Pre-book bowling lanes so you can be sure the bowling alley can accommodate all the party guests. In the party invites, suggest that the partygoers wear bright white or florescent colors in order to glow in the black light.

Paintball Arena

Paintball parties allow party goers to share in the excitement of competition. Paintball arenas are available indoors and outdoors. Party guests divide into teams and attempt to shoot their opponents with paintballs. When the paintballs hit their targets, they create a colorful splatter. These venues are used to accommodating large groups and may even have a separate room for party guests to gather and eat birthday cake. Paintball is a safe activity, as paintballs are the only ammunition used; however, participants are usually required to be over the age of ten.

At Home

You do not need to rent out a special location to create an enjoyable 13th-birthday party. Instead, you can host the party at your home, providing the food and activities yourself. Pick a theme and ask the guests to dress accordingly. For example, a 13-year-old may enjoy a decade-themed party where guests dress in clothing from an era. Activities at house parties may include dancing, watching movies and playing sports in the backyard. Sleepover parties are also exciting as they allow friends to stay up late talking, snacking and playing games while nestled cozily in their sleeping bags.

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If you live near a body of water and the guest of honor’s birthday occurs during a sunny, warm month, host the party at the beach. Bring beach chairs, a cooler of snacks and beverages, a music player and beach games such as a Frisbee or a volley ball. If the beach allows bonfires, build a bonfire and make S’mores. If you do not live near a beach, host the party at a nearby park instead.