Places To Play Paintball

Places to Play Paintball

The game of paintball is a popular sport in which compressed-gas weapons fire small pellets of paint to simulate combat. Many variations of paintball exist and the rules of the game vary significantly from place to place, depending on the agreement of the players involved. One dilemma that faces all paintball players and enthusiasts, at one time or another, is the question of where they can play. There are many different potential places to play paintball, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks.


There are two major types of locations where players can play paintball. The first and most common type is commercial paintball parks. Commercial parks can be indoor or outdoor and generally offer not only a place to play but other services as well.

The other major type of paintball play area is what is commonly referred to as a “renegade” or “outlaw” location. Such locations are usually located on private land, although some players are so bold as to attempt play on publicly held land which is rather controversial and sometimes illegal.


Geography dictates certain factors about paintball fields of play. For example, in climates where temperatures reach extremes of hot or cold, most commercial paintball parks are located indoors. Outdoor parks and “outlaw” fields can be on any type of terrain. For complexity of play, however, most players prefer wooded areas or locations that include hiding places.


The size of a paintball field of play can vary wildly. Indoor areas can be fairly small, sometimes comprising little more space than a standard room. Other fields, particularly outdoor ones, are virtually limitless. Games involving a large number of participants require decidedly more space than games with fewer players. Also, fields including fewer hiding places and obstacles need to be larger to facilitate a lasting game that doesn’t simply turn into a wild west-style shootout.


There are potential benefits associated with both commercial paintball parks and the so-called “renegade” fields. Commercial parks often offer players many helpful services and assistance. Referees are usually provided by commercial parks, as are standardized rules and liability insurance. Such paintball locations also can offer other things such as restrooms, food service, instruction, equipment sales, and locker rooms.

The main benefit of “renegade” paintball locations, on the other hand, is that they do not offer such structure and regulation. The fact that renegade fields are unregulated and unrestricted allows players more freedom in determining the rules of the game and the style of play. Also, “renegade” locations are often much larger and more varied in terrain than commercial parks.


Paintball is a potentially dangerous activity and paintball guns can cause harm, especially when used improperly. It also bears mentioning that playing paintball in “outlaw” or “renegade” locations can be more dangerous due to a lack of supervision or standardized rules. Legal liability is often assumed by those who allow such paintball games to occur on their land.