Places To Ride Go Karts

Riding go karts is often referred to as “karting.”

Riding go karts has been a favorite recreational activity since the early 1950s. Military airmen used to race custom-built riding lawn mowers around the base as a way to pass the time. But the first legitimate go kart was designed and built in 1956 by Art Ingels of California. Since then, thousands of go kart locations have opened worldwide, providing hours of enjoyment for both kids and adults.

Palace Entertainment

With over 20 karting locations in five states, Palace Entertainment is one of the largest providers of go kart racing entertainment. Boomers Parks can be found in California, New York and Florida. They feature hi-octane go karts and lengthy racetracks with straight-aways and hair-pin turns. As of 2010, visitors can either pay $7 per go kart ride, or purchase an all-day riding bracelet for $20.

In California, Georgia and Texas, Palace Entertainment features the Malibu Grand Prix go kart riding and entertainment park. As of 2010, it offers unlimited go kart racing for $21 per person. Also in Georgia and Texas are the Mountasia parks. Prices for go kart racing here are $5.50 per person, per ride, $20 for five rides or $36 for 10 rides.

The final go kart entertainment parks owned by Palace Entertainment are the Speed Zone locations in California and Texas. Speed zone features four different go kart race tracks. There is the Top Eliminator Dragster racing, which takes drivers from 0 to 70 mph in 3.5 seconds. As of 2010, visitors can ride up to three times for $15. The Slick Trax track offers 5 minutes of drift-style racing for $7. The Turbo Track go kart racing allows drivers to race against 20 competitors. The driver’s cost is $7 for a 5-minute session. Lastly, there is the Grand Prix go kart racing. Tracks are modeled after Indy and Formula 1 car racing circuits. Racing on this track costs $2 per lap.

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K1 Speed

As of 2010, K1 Speed has seven operational go karting locations in California, Washington and Florida. Two additional Florida locations will be opening in March 2011. K1 go kart tracks are indoors, open to the general public seven days a week unless they are reserved by a private party. All go karts at K1 are eco-friendly and run on electricity as opposed to gas, which can emit toxic fumes. Karts race at speeds of up to 40 mph, and there are several different race tracks available depending on your skill level.

Rascals Fun Zone

Located in Whiteland, Indiana, Rascals Fun Zone features a total of four go karting tracks: two indoor and two outdoor. Rascal’s offers per person and group rates. As of 2010, all-day wristband prices (which means unlimited play and riding), are $22.75 per person. Group rates of 12 or more people reduce the price of an all-day wristband to $19.50 per person.

Rascals’ indoor go kart racetrack is open year-round. A rookie track is available for younger kids, and the grand prix track is equipped with two-seater karts so parents can ride with children. The outdoor tracks are open from spring to fall. The family track outside travels over and under a bridge, winding around the property. The Malibu Slick Track (also outdoors) features specialized karts and course track so that drivers don’t slide out of control.