Places To Throw A Sweet 16 Party

Have an arcade party for teens glued to the video game console.

In North America, the 16th birthday celebrates a coming of age; teenagers have generally left childhood behind now and are closer in years to adulthood than they are to their preteen years. The celebration for a sweet 16th birthday can be a casual or formal affair, depending on the party budget and the preferences of the guest of honor. Does this Spark an idea?

Amusement Park

For a group of thrill-loving teenagers, host the party at an amusement park to celebrate that special 16th birthday in a thrilling way. Daredevil guests can spend the day riding the most thrilling of roller coasters, while more timid guests enjoy some of the family rides. For more entertainment, or a calming period after lunch, many amusement parks offer carnival-type games, arcades and live performances. During warm weather, some also have water parks for a refreshing break from the heat. Amusement parks that offer birthday party packages offer extras, such as a private party area for lunch, party supplies and a party host for the event.

Dance Club Party

Host a birthday party at a teen-friendly dance club that offers party packages with a D.J., dinner and dancing. The guest of honor can celebrate her sweet 16th feeling like a grownup in a nightclub-type setting. When no age-appropriate club is available in the area, consider renting a hall or recreation center’s room and organizing a dance. Arrange for a D.J. to provide the evening’s music and entertainment and rent some visual and special effects equipment for additional entertainment.

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Gaming Venue

Plan a sweet 16th celebration at an arcade for a teenager who loves his video games or choose a venue such as a paintball or laser tag center that lets the party group become part of the game. Some gaming venues offer a combination of activities where the party group can play a variety of classic and modern arcade games before teaming up to play a round of laser tag. Structured party packages are available and many venues also allow party planners to customize the party with the activities that are most valued to the guest of honor.

Spa Party

Party planners can arrange for a sweet 16 birthday party at a spa for a small group of friends to enjoy an afternoon of pampering like adults. For a party on a tight budget, arrange for a single treatment for each guest, such as a manicure, pedicure or mini-facial. For a larger budget, consider providing a package of treatments, including the single treatments as well as hairstyling, body wraps and cosmetic makeovers. After the indulgent afternoon, the guests can flaunt their makeovers and pampered fingers at a nearby restaurant over dinner.