Plan A Paintball Party

Paintball parties are adrenaline-filled and messy fun.

Paintball parties are gaining popularity for bachelor or bachelorette functions, church and youth organization outings, birthday parties and team building activities for offices or corporations. The strategy, rapid action and adrenaline of paintball games appeal to novices and experts alike and offer the opportunity to build trust and teamwork, relieve stress or get an excellent workout. Create an intra- or inter-office rivalry, or host a bachelors-versus-bachelorettes party or a girls versus boys birthday extravaganza to experience the rush of paintball. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Contact venues in your area or locate a wooded area in which you can play. Learn any local codes or laws that could affect your party, and ensure paintball on either public or private property is allowed. Speak with officials at your local city hall for information on property laws, public spaces and other pertinent information. Visit local paintball fields’ websites or speak with managers for group rates and the best days to host your party. Contact other group leaders in your area for recommendations on the best fields.

2. If renting time at a local paintball field, ask questions to ensure the venue can accommodate your anticipated number of guests and guardians. Ask about age restrictions, field policies, prices for group packages and group discounts. Discuss permissions or consents required, as well as any necessary waivers, and ask if you will be allowed to supply your own refreshments. Ask if gear rentals and paint are included in the prices quoted or if you are to supply your own. Ask how much paint is included with rentals. Most fields require reservations as well as a deposit for groups or parties and offer specials on bulk purchases of paint.

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3. Make a guest list, ensuring everyone invited is old enough to play at the selected venue. Make or purchase invitations and include a separate sheet for information regarding any extra costs the guests may incur, if the guests will require parents or guardians and any pertinent information on field policies. Also indicate if refreshments will be served and ask guests to include any food allergies or dietary restrictions in their RSVP. Because paintballs are made primarily from vegetable oil, there is the potential for allergic reactions from the paint, too.

4. Discuss party plans with the venue manager, including decorations, refreshments and amenities that the location provides as well as those you must supply. Locate gear for any guests who do not already own gear, or secure the appropriate number of rentals from the venue.

5. Decorate the staging area or main area of the venue if the party is for a birthday or other specific occasion. If the party is generic, decorations may not be necessary. Discuss your plans with the field owners and managers for suggestions or tips.

6. Purchase refreshments that can be easily and quickly consumed between rounds, as well as refreshments that are more nutritive to give guests energy and keep them hydrated during play.

7. Organize carpools and other transportation for guests and their parents or guardians. Let your guests know if they need to bring spending money and provide parents or guardians any other relevant information regarding the venue, including emergency contact numbers.