Plaque & Trophy Ideas

Awards come in many shapes, sizes and mediums.

Whether you wish to show appreciation to your staff for a lifetime of achievement, retirement, top sales or as a safety incentive, a proper plaque, trophy or award demonstrates your appreciation. Local shops often have a showroom to peruse or you can order online. Choose an award and have it laser engraved according to your specifications. Order well in advance to ensure you receive your plaques in time for the ceremony.

Granite and Marble

Granite and marble plaques and awards come in a wide array of shapes and designs. Most commonly the marble is green and the granite is a polished black variety. Whether you choose rectangular, oval, triangular or any number of other shapes, granite plaques and awards offer distinction welcomed by any employee. Other options include marble picture frames, globes and keepsake boxes with a marble inlay. Look for an award with a combination of glass, granite, metal and wood. Custom order a plaque or award and have it personalized for your company.

Glass and Crystal

Glass and crystal plaques vary in price according to shape and complexity of design. Shapes include circles, globes, stars, towers, pinnacles and others. Many companies create their own signature design which you can order solely from them. The glass is laser engraved with your logo and wording, including the employee’s name and reason for the award. Glass and crystal plaques are available with color for an additional charge. Most companies charge a set-up fee in addition to the price of the plaque or award.

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Wood Plaque

Wooden plaques are either laser engraved on a metallic inlay or engraved directly onto the wood. Choose from different wood and inlay combinations. Pair a modern black piano finish with a brass or silver inlay for a contemporary look most employees will appreciate. Medallion style plaques as well as plaques with marble or granite inlays are also befitting a momentous occasion. Choose the materials according to the style of your workplace or office so when employees display their plaque or trophy at work it will compliment the decor.


For sporting events look for resin-based trophies showcasing the specific sport. The trophy can be individualized with a laser-engraved plaque and come in a range of sport themes including golf, bowling, paintball, lacrosse, hockey, sailing and skateboarding. Cup and bowl style trophies are a popular option for trophies. Awards are also frequently given in lieu of trophies depending on the type of event. Wood, glass, acrylic, granite and marble are all ideal choices anytime you require an option for a trophy.