Play Capture The Flag In Paintball

Each team must defend its own flag while trying to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to home base.


1. Divide all your players into two equal teams.

2. Set up two home bases. Place a flag in the center of each home base.

3. Determine a length for the game. Length should depend on the terrain and the amount of players. Bigger areas and more players need more time, but don’t allow too much time. Short games put the pressure on for action and are generally more exciting. Make sure everyone knows how the game is to be started and stopped.

4. Separate to your home bases.

5. Begin the game. Each team must devise its own strategy to try to reach the other team’s flag and return it to home base without the team’s own flag being taken.

6. Hit other players with your paintballs to make them “out.” These players must leave the field until the next game.

7. Capture the opposing team’s flag and hang it in your own base before time runs out.

8. Switch home bases each game.

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