Play Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag is a fun game to play on vacation.

Play Capture the Flag. Capture the Flag is played outdoors with two teams. It’s best with teams of three or more players and can be played almost anytime, anywhere.



1. Divide into two teams of three or more people.

2. Divide territories for the teams. Streets, trails, creeks and fence lines all make good border markers.

3. Agree on two items to serve as “flags.” They should be brightly colored and a foot or two across.

4. Decide what happens when captured. Either choose to make players “out” for the rest of the game, converted to the team that caught them, or put in a “jail” to be rescued by their teammates.

The Game

5. Retreat by team into your territory to hide the flag. The flag must be hung at head height and be visible from 20 yards away on at least one side.

6. Split into attacker and defender groups within your team. Attackers and defenders can switch jobs as needed.

7. Attempt to sneak across the border, find and capture the enemy flag, and then race back without being caught if you are an attacker.

8. Hide around your flag or along the border and try to intercept and catch any opposing players who sneak across if you are a defender.

9. Capture enemy players by tagging them while they are on your side of the border.

10. Win by capturing the enemy flag and carrying it back to your side of the border.

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11. Put captured enemy players in “jail” by picking an area with a clearly defined border to serve as the jail.

12. Rescue teammates by sneaking across the border, finding the jail, tagging your teammate, then racing back across the border.

13. Recapture players by tagging them again before they reach the border.