Play “Delta Force Extreme”

Military strategy will go a long way toward completing all the missions in “Delta Force: Xtreme.”

Novalogic’s 2005 first-person shooter game “Delta Force: Xtreme” allows players to assume the identity of an Army Delta Force operative and tackle a number of dangerous missions based on real-life scenarios. The PC-only game also lets players play online co-op, so they can team up with friends. Players can also enter the battlefield and hunt each other down, death match style. In any case, keep these game play tips in mind when playing “Xtreme.”


1. Duck and cover. Enhanced enemy AI keeps the bad guys coming and, in realistic battlefield fashion, flanking to get the drop on your position. The best approach to handling being pinned down in a firefight is to find cover and use it to your advantage. Keep watch over your cover for the enemy to pop up; when the opportunity arises, exchange fire. While cover is important, move between cover to prevent getting stuck and having a grenade tossed your way, which you can’t toss back.

2. Reload often and vary your weapon selection. With more than 60 levels of open and varied terrain, you’ll have your choice of firepower and you’ll encounter waves of enemies, but resist only going for the big guns. These type of weapons have longer reload times, which may leave you exposed. You have two weapons at your disposal: your primary and your secondary. Choose a mid-sized automatic rifle and keep your pistol as your secondary weapon.

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3. Think like a soldier. You’ll be leading in the mission, which is mostly concerned with assaulting enemy compounds. This requires equal amounts of stealth and guerilla warfare. Use your rifle scope to find patrolling guards on the perimeter and take them out silently with your knife. That will keep them from sounding the alarm and give you the upper hand in the initial stages of the attack.

4. Change position. In certain levels, improved AI means enemy snipers can get the bead on you quickly. By taking out targets from a safe distance and moving to another attack position, you’ll leave the opposition scrambling. Repeat this method often to gain entry into the compound, where you’ll be faced with close quarters combat.