Play Hide And Go Seek

In the days before the Cartoon Network and video games, Hide and Go Seek was a staple in a child’s day. There is no better way to occupy a group of kids for hours at a time! Here is a reminder of this great childhood game for you to share with the video game generation.


1. Gather a group of three or more children who are ready and willing to play. One child needs to be chosen as “it.” This is a great time to bring out all of those little chants, like “one potato, two potato, three potato, four” or “my mother told me to pick this one” to choose who will be the seeker.

2. Begin the game by having the seeker count to at least 25. If you are playing outside, you might want to make it 50, and you should set some boundaries as to how far away children can hide. While the seeker is counting, the other players hide.

3. Have the seeker yell out “Ready or not, here I come!” when she finishes counting, to signal that the seeking is about to begin. The first player that she finds becomes “it” in the next game.

4. Add a level of challenge to the game by designating a spot as home base. Home base serves as a safe spot once a child is found. If a child is found by “it” but makes it to home base before “it” can tag them, he is safe. Also, if a child feels he could be discovered, he can come out of hiding and run to home base. Again if he isn’t tagged by “it,” he is safe. The first child tagged before getting to home base becomes “it” in the next game.

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