Play Laser Challenge Virtual Paintball

Full set of Laser Challenge Virtual Paintball out of the box.

When playing paintball there is always a risk of getting hurt, inadvertently eating paint or making a mess. Laser Challenge Virtual Paintball provides all of the fun of playing with live paintball rounds, with none of the mess or pain.


Play Laser Challenge Virtual Paintball

1. Remove the Laser Challenge Virtual Paintball set from its box and insert the batteries that came with it. There should be two guns and two sets of blast plates.

2. Adjust the straps on the back of the blast plate and fit the plate around the person who will be wearing it. Activate the blast plate by pressing the on-button located on the front.

3. Fire at the opponents blast plate using the laser paintball gun. If the opponent has been struck, one of five areas on the blast plate will emit a lit-up splatter on it.

4. Reload the gun after it has used up its round by pressing the reload button located on the side of the gun near the trigger.

5. To restart a round, press the restart button located next to the on button on the blast plate. Blast plates will automatically become deactivated after each round.

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