Play Laser Tag

First conceived by the U.S. military, laser tag has grown to become one of the most popular indoor/outdoor sporting activities. It can be played by children and adults using professional-grade or home-unit specialized equipment. Most laser tag systems consist of a centralized computer controller/scorer, a gun-style “tagger,” and sensored vests or headbands that accept infrared “hits.” Learn to play this action-packed game in a park, home or public arena.


Arm Yourself With Knowledge

1. Suit up before you play. Learn the dress code if you play in an arena or with a professional outdoor laser tag outfit. For instance, most require adequate body coverage in clothing, prohibiting halter tops or open-toed shoes.

2. Get to know the equipment. Watch a demo or ask a friend sight the “tagger” gun and hit a sensor on your opponent’s body vest or headband.

3. Learn the legal combat moves. These will be posted in an arena or agreed upon by informal teams. Usually, any physical contact is forbidden, and in some venues, crouching and crawling are also illegal maneuvers.

4. Learn to handle your weapon. Most organized laser tag games have a two-hands firing rule, and most professional tagger guns have LED read-outs with vital information, such as activation status or number of “lives,” or points, remaining.

Arm Yourself to Win

5. Start the game with a set number of lives as you enter the field of play, as designated by individual game rules. When you are free to go, you are free to shoot.

6. Attack an opponent. Aim and shoot, and your successful hits, or tags, will be tallied by the computer.

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7. Avoid tagger fire. Move randomly or hide to protect your body sensors as you move out into the arena or field of play.

8. Win when you’re left with at least one life when time is called.

9. Lose when you’ve lost all your lives by being tagged. The computer will give you your adjusted score afterwards.