Play Paint Ball Gun Games

There are numerous styles of paintball games you can play.

Paintball is a battlefield-style game played with a special gun that fires a paint-filled ball by means of compressed air. A paintball can be fired at speeds averaging between 200 and 300 feet per second, thus creating a velocity that can pack quite a punch on opposing players, who wear protective gear. Most paintball enthusiasts have teams of friends they play with often, and many make up their own rules. Two common of paintball games are Capture the Flag and Speed.


Capture the Flag

1. Advance through the designated terrain toward the enemy fort, or headquarters. All players start in their own safe territory.

2. Attack any opposing player by firing at the head or chest to make a kill. Some rules may vary, but typically a head or chest shot is a kill, and limb or leg shots require three hits to qualify as a kill. If all players from one team are killed before the flag is retrieved then the game is over.

3. Retrieve the flag from the enemy fort without getting killed, and return safely to your home fort. Then mount the flag next to your team’s flag.


4. Advance onto the field when the horn sounds, and take a position behind a barricade.

5. Move from your team’s barricade to the next available team barricade each time the horn sounds. Rules may vary, but your team will likely have color-coded barricades that you can hide behind. The idea is to stay quickly seek cover of the barricades as you move around the field. Opponents will be moving behind their own barricades, as well, and you could end up face to face with an opposing player if you make the wrong move when changing barricade position.

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6. Kill all opposing players as quickly as possible by shooting in the head or chest. Limb shots may or may not be counted depending on specific rules. The first team to lose all players loses the game.