Play Paintball

Play Paintball

The game of paintball has evolved into one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. The sport of paintball comes in several variations, but there are basic standards to the game that apply to nearly all of its forms. Here they are.


1. Split your group into two evenly matched teams.

2. Start the game with a paintball marker (gun), paintball mask, a full tank of CO2 or compressed air and a hopper filled with as many paintballs as you wish to carry.

3. Work with your teammates to complete any objectives the game you are playing requires.

4. Shoot at the opposing players with the paintballs and try to mark them with a ball. The ball must break on your opponent or the equipment they are carrying to count as a hit.

5. Avoid being marked by your opponents’ paintballs during the game. If you are marked, you must raise your paintball marker into the air and walk off of the field.

6. Clean off any marks after the game. Then go out and play another one.