Play The Duel Masters Card Game

Duel Masters is one of the many battle card games imported from Japan, where two players use cards of different creatures and spells to battle with one another. The game play is similar to the more well-known Yu-Gi-Oh, with one major exception: the ultimate object is to destroy your opponent’s shields to beat him rather than deplete a set number of life points. As with most of these card games, it revolves around the strategy of playing the right mix of creatures and spells to beat your opponent’s cards.


1. Draw five cards from the top of your Duel Masters deck and lay them face down in a row in front of you without looking at them. These cards will serve as your shields. Draw five more cards for your hand and decide which of the two players goes first.

2. Draw one card from the top of the deck and add it to your hand at the start of your turn (the player who has the very first turn in the game does not draw a card on that first turn).

3. Place a card from your hand into your mana zone if you wish. Place it upside down to read the mana number; this number acts like money. There is no limit to cards you can have in the mana zone, but you can only place one per turn, and they can only be used for mana once placed there.

4. Summon a creature from your hand by putting it in the Battle zone. You must have enough mana in your mana zone needed to summon the creature—the required number is on the card’s top left corner—and at least one mana card used must be from the same civilization as the creature. You can’t attack with this creature until the next turn.

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5. Play spell cards to cast a spell. As with creatures, you need enough mana to cast the spell with at least one mana card being from the same civilization as the spell card. The many effects a spell card can have include destroying creatures, giving bonuses to your creatures and increasing your ability to draw or play cards.

6. Attack with your creatures after they are summoned. If your opponent has a creature in the Battle zone, tap it to attack it. The creature with the higher power number (in the lower left corner) wins the battle; the losing creature is removed and placed in the graveyard.

7. Attack your opponent directly by tapping your attacking card. Destroy one of your opponent’s shields by selecting that card; your opponent takes that card and puts it in his deck. When one player has no shields left, the other player can directly attack one more time to win the game.