Play The Game Snaps

Snap you fingers to provide the clues to your famous name.

Snaps is a game that will exercise your mind and entertain you at the same time. The game can be played by two or more people and is especially effective as a party ice breaker, because you don’t need anything but your fingers and a quick wit to play. No matter what your reason to play, you can learn the rules for Snaps quickly. Gather your group and explain the rules or just dive into the game — seeing who catches on can be half the fun.


1. Say “Snaps is the name of the game. The name of the game is snaps,” to get the first round on its way.

2. Think of a famous person. Your goal is to have the participants figure out who you are thinking of by listening to your voice and counting your finger snaps. For each consonant in your chosen person’s name, you will give a clue that begins with that letter. For instance, if a person was thinking about George Bush, the first clue could be: “Get ready.” The “G” in “get” indicates the first letter of Bush’s first name.

3. Approach the vowels. For the vowels, you snap your fingers. Snap once for “A,” twice for “E,” three times for “I,” four for “O,” and five for “U.” Using the same example name, you would say “Get ready,” for letter “G,” and snap your fingers twice for the letter “E.” Continue giving clues for consonants and snaps for vowels until you finish the name or until someone guesses correctly.

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4. Hand over the game to the first person who guesses correctly. She then thinks of a name and begins giving clues and snapping. The game continues in that manner until everyone gets a turn to lead the game.