Polish A Paintball Barrel

Paintball guns are often used and can get very dirty. The barrel is the large round metal part on the front of the gun and can be found on both paintball pistols and shotguns. You can polish the barrel of a paintball gun to remove fingerprints, dirt and paint. Polish cleans the barrel off and is not harmful to it.


1. Disassemble the barrel of the paintball gun, if this is possible. You’ll need to polish all the individual parts in order to get it done right. If the barrel of the gun doesn’t disassemble, you can polish the barrel while it’s assembled.

2. Dampen a rag with polish. You can either obtain the rag and polish from a gun polishing kit or you can buy a rag and the polish separately. Either way, dampen the rag. Without soaking it, get enough on the rag to apply it to the paintball gun barrel.

3. Wipe down the barrel of the gun once. Check that you get all the parts of the barrel, including the trigger. Pretty much anything that’s metallic or black you’ll want to polish.

4. Use a circular motion while polishing your paintball gun barrel to ensure that you don’t have streaks and scrapes. It won’t look shiny at first, but it will after the polish has dried off.

5. Glue a cotton ball with a narrow stick. Push the cotton ball down into the barrel of the paintball gun to finish your polishing job. Dip the cotton ball in polish to get the inside of your paintball gun as shiny as the outside.

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