Polish Gun Parts

Keep your guns cleaned and polished.

After years of use–for some, only a few months–guns can start to look old, tarnished and unattractive. Whether you’re an avid hunter, police officer or just exercising the Second Amendment, cleaning and polishing your fire-arms should be done once to twice a year. Cleaning the gun will help it work and function properly. Polishing the gun will keep it looking like new. Just a few simple items and some gun polish is all you need to restore your gun.


1. Unload your gun. Ensure there are no bullets left in the revolver, and completely remove the gun’s magazine. Never clean or polish a loaded gun. Keep the safety on at all times while cleaning the gun.

2. Remove any dirt, dust and debris from the gun using a small air compressor. These are often used for cameras or computers, but they can also be used for guns. Squeeze the top of the compressor to release small blasts of air. This will help to remove any loose debris from the gun.

3. Dry-clean the gun using a clean toothbrush. A small toothbrush will come in handy for hard-to-reach spots. Scrub the entire gun before moving on.

4. Prepare your cleaning rod. Cleaning rod kits will come with several-sized attachments and cleaning pads. Choose the largest attachment that will fit down the barrel of the gun, then attach a cleaning pad to it. Slide the gun cleaning rod down the barrel of the gun and pull it back out. Change the cleaning pad to a new one and repeat. Do this until the clean pads come out clean. You can also add a gun cleaning solvent to the pad if necessary.

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5. Apply a small amount of gun polish to the gun–or to the toothbrush. Never use any regular polish or too much polish. They can cause the gun to malfunction. Use the toothbrush to spread the polish along the entire gun. Gun polish will not only make the gun look like new, it will also prevent rust and tarnish.

6. Buff the gun using a lint-free cloth. This will remove excess polish and will bring the gun to a shine.

7. Lubricate the gun if, necessary, by adding a very small drop of oil to the trigger–or other moving parts of the gun. Wipe the oil off using another lint-free cloth.