Practice Paintball Snapshooting

Paintball snapshooting is one of the fundamentals of a paintball game. Snapshooting is normally done when your opponents are close in proximity to you. Snapshooting is used mostly when playing on air ball or speed ball fields. These games are quick and action-packed.


1. Practice paintball snapshooting when you are at home shooting your paintball gun by yourself. Find a place where you can be concealed. Concealment is a crucial part of snapshooting successfully. A snapshot requires you to move quickly out and back in, firing one or two shots max before concealing yourself again. Practice this technique until you hit your target consistently.

2. Use another technique to practice paintball snapshooting. Get a friend to practice with you. When paintballs are coming at you, you move more quickly than normal. Know where your opponent is shooting from and practice the snapshot on him while he returns fire. You must learn snapshoot from the right and left sides of bunkers.

3. Go to an air ball field to practice paintball snapshooting. Pick out a bunker on the opposite side of the paintball field from where you are standing. Choose a spot on that bunker and practice coming out of the right and left sides of the bunker you are standing behind, snapshooting the spot you’ve picked out consistently. Keep practicing until you hit it consistently.

4. Stand and kneel alternately when you practice paintball snapshooting. Both snapshooting positions are necessary to master in order to be successful in paintball.

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