Prevent Rust In A Gun Barrel

Cleaning your gun barrel avoids rust buildup and improves the accuracy of your gun.

Cleaning your shotgun, pistol or rifle after regular use is imperative to preventing rust from building up inside your gun barrel. Otherwise, you can risk serious rust buildup, and if you go long enough without cleaning the barrel, you can ruin the gun entirely. Rust can gather inside the gun barrel due to burnt gunpowder and metal fouling. Even if you have a stainless-steel barrel, your gun will still require regular cleaning to avoid rust.


1. Pour bore solvent directly onto the bronze brush. Bore solvent and a bronze brush are commonly available at sporting goods stores that carry firearms, and they can be purchased separately or as part of a gun-cleaning kit.

2. Attach the bronze brush to your gun-cleaning rod. Insert the cleaning rod with the bronze-brush end first into the gun barrel, ideally in the same direction that the bullet travels. Work the gun cleaning rod back and forth along the gun barrel at least three or four times.

3. Replace the bronze brush with a clean patch and pour the bore solvent onto the patch. Run the clean patch to your gun barrel several times in the same manner you used with the bronze brush.

4. Place your gun in a safe, dry area when not in use. Moisture-laden environments can promote rust.

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