Print Basketball Numbers On A Uniform With A Computer

Print basketball players’ numbers onto iron-on transfer paper on your computer printer.

It used to be that basketball and other team sports uniforms had to be custom silk-screened or embroidered at great cost, but that isn’t the case anymore. Today, you can print basketball players’ numbers onto iron-on transfer paper using your computer and printer for a fraction of the cost of custom uniform numbering. Choose your number font and design, print and iron the number to the uniform. The process is simple enough that the whole basketball team can work together to print numbers for application to the uniforms.


1. Read the iron-on transfer paper’s packaging to verify that the iron-on transfer paper is formulated for the fabric of your uniform. For example, some iron-on transfer papers require the uniform to be at least a 50 percent cotton blend. If your uniform is polyester, purchase iron-on transfer paper formulated for polyester.

2. Wash the basketball uniform according to the fabric requirements using the manufacturer’s recommended amount of clothes detergent. Dry the uniform as instructed on the uniform’s care label.

3. Select the basketball number font and design from an online image or saved file. You can scan basketball number designs on your computer scanner, save the design, and use those numbers if desired.

4. Make adjustments to the direction of the basketball number. According to Hewlett-Packard, the number needs to be printed in reverse like it would look like in a mirror. This way when the number is ironed onto the basketball uniform, the number will be facing in the proper direction. Reverse the number design with the editing tools on your computer.

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5. Save the basketball number design and print a sample on regular computer paper to see how the image, ink colors, and size will look on your uniform. Make any adjustments to the image direction, dimensions or colors to the saved file. Save the amended basketball number design.

6. Print the basketball number onto the iron-on transfer paper. According to Hewlett-Packard, do not use a laser printer.

7. Cut a ¼-inch wide border around the basketball number.

8. Place the basketball uniform on top of an ironing board with the surface you wish to transfer the number onto facing you. According to Hewlett-Packard, set the iron on a cotton setting without steam.

9. Center the number transfer on the uniform with the paper backing facing you. Press an iron firmly onto the paper backing of the transfer, rubbing the iron in a back and forth motion while holding the edges of the paper backing with your fingers. Iron for the required amount of time as specified by the brand of iron-on transfer paper you are using.

10. Remove the paper backing slowly by peeling back one corner a little at a time until you are sure the iron-on transfer is completely applied. Allow the basketball number to cure for about four hours.