Problems With The Proto Slg

A paintball player

The Dye Proto SLG is a paintball gun made with aluminum and composite materials. The SLG has a self-closing valve and a two-piece bolt system, allowing the marker to operate well. In previous versions, the Proto did not have a clamping feedback and also featured a rollback problem. However, these issues seem to be fixed with the release of the Proto SLG 2009 model. You can contact Dye or consult your manual for specific troubleshooting issues, and you may be able to replace your gun if you find it to be inoperable.


The Proto SLG 08 has an issue with rollback. The Proto SLG has a system based on an eye that detects the paintball as it sits in the chamber before you fire. The gun does not shoot if the marker does not detect the ball. When the bolt inside the SLG is a few millimeters away from where it should be, you will shoot fine until your marker goes up. The ball then slides back and the eyes no longer detect the paintball. The next ball then jams into the chamber when you shoot, causing the balls to break or jam inside the chamber.

Hosing Blows Off Marker

After using the Proto SLG, the hosing may blow off the marker even while the gun is still gassed up. You may be able to fix the issue by putting your empire switch on the gun, but you might also have to fix the air port.

Feedneck Is Too Small

The Proto SLG 08 does not come with a clamping feedneck. Instead, the Proto SLG has an O-ring system, which is too small to put on an Evo 3 paintball loader. You can remove the O-rings and tape the bottom of your hopper so that it fits to your gun. The stock barrel provides precision for speedball but can be really loud, so you may need to buy a new barrel for the Proto SLG.

Other Issues

The trigger can be stiff, so you may need to remove the trigger spring. The air source adapter on the gun is not the on/off kind, so you may have to upgrade your gun if you prefer an on/off ASA.

Jamming balls or chopping paint means you may need to clean and lubricate the bolt inside the ball chamber. Dye provides a small amount of lubricant, but you can pick up more at your paintball supply store.

Bad configuration boards are another issue. This problem occurred in a small batch of Proto SLG by Dye. Once the gun is put together and you try to put the gun into configuration mode, you receive no action or the gun just turns on fire mode. For this problem, contact Dye to replace your gun.