Properly Clean A Gun

Properly Clean a Gun

In order to keep your gun in tiptop shape and ensure it shoots perfectly for years to come you will need to clean it properly and regularly. Gun powder, grease, and other types of grime can end up damaging your gun beyond repair. To clean your gun correctly you will need cleaning supplies, most of which you can find around the house.


1. Unload the gun and place the ammunition in a safe place. This is one of the most important steps in giving your gun a proper cleaning, and this step is essential to ensuring your own safety while you clean the gun. Place the bullets in a safe, secure location away from the gun.

2. Get a bore brush and gun-cleaning solvent, available at any outdoors store (see Resources). Dip the bore brush in the solvent.

3. Stick the bore brush down into the barrel of the gun. The brush will automatically twist and turn according to the rifling of your gun barrel.

4. Take a cleaning patch and dip it into some of the solvent. Feed the patch deep into the barrel of the gun. Use a few drying patches to soak up the excess solvent in the barrel.

5. With a soft clean cloth put a small amount of gun oil on the rag. Take the rag and wipe the entire exterior of the gun except for the hand grips on the handle. The gun oil will give your gun a polished shiny look.

6. Grab a second cloth and wipe away the excess oil on the gun.

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