Put A Hole In A Firefighter Helmet

Proceed carefully when you modify a firefighter’s helmet.

When you put a hole in a firefighter helmet, you must be careful you do not compromise the integrity of the equipment. The helmet is not a hat or an adornment, but an important piece of safety gear meant to protect the wearer from falling objects and high heat and smoke in precarious situations. In order to perforate the helmet to affix a badge or shield, you must use bolt cutters or a screw gun whether the helmet is made of metal or leather.


1. Measure the helmet’s width and gauge the thickness of the front or brim where you need to make a hole.

2. Examine the inside to ensure that hole that you make will pierce through any plastic or felt lining.

3. Mark with a felt tip pen or marker where you intend to make the hole.

4. Place the helmet on a flat surface or have someone hold it down as you screw or cut the hole with the either the screw gun or appropriate bolt cutter.

5. Blow off any shavings and affix the necessary badge or shield where you pierced the helmet, making sure that the helmet is snug and air tight.

6. Affix heavy-duty brass fasteners on the inside if the purpose of the hole was to position a head camera or other piece of equipment to the helmet.