Put A Paintball Gun Together

Put a Paintball Gun Together

One of the fastest growing recreational sports in the world today is paintball. Nothing beats the thrill of creeping through the woods plotting war strategies to blast your opponents with little balls of paint and declaring your world dominance by winning the paintball war. The most important tool of the trade is, of course, the paintball gun (also known as a paintball marker). Once you have purchased your gun you will need to put the gun together correctly in order to use on the battle field.


1. Choose the appropriate size barrel for your paintball gun. The size of the barrel can be determined by sliding a paintball into the barrel at the end of the barrel that attaches to the gun itself. Now put your lips up to that end of the barrel and blow. If the paintball comes out the other end easily that is just the right size for your gun.

2. Connect the hopper to the paintball gun. This particular part of the paintball gun is where the paintballs are held until they drop into the barrel to be fired. This part usually attaches to the top of most paintball guns by sliding over the sleeve of your paintball gun over the hole in the barrel. Take a screwdriver and tighten the hopper in place.

3. Decide which of the two types of pressure tanks you would like to use on your gun. One type of tank holds CO2 and the other type of tank is a nitrogen tank.

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4. Attach the tank to the “O” ring located on your paintball gun. Check the “O” ring visually for cuts, rips and tears before attaching the tank, as these can cause severe air leaks.

5. Load a few paintballs into the hopper.