Put A Rip Clip On Sp1

The Rip Clip holds your paintball ammo.

Members of the paintball world have plenty of paintball guns, accessories and equipment to choose from. If you have taken a liking to the Rip Clip paintball loader, you may be wondering install it on your SP-1 paintball gun. The SP-1 is not specifically designed to carry the Rip Clip, but there is a way to affix this aftermarket option. You will have to remove the existing feedtube and make a new hole that will fit with your Rip Clip.


1. Put on eye protection.

2. Take the SP-1 and Rip Clip apart. If the Rip Clip is difficult to take apart, use a flat-head screwdriver to tighten the screws slightly in a clockwise manner to break the adhesive or Loctite bond. Remove the screws in a counterclockwise manner. Also use the screwdriver to loosen the middle of the SP-1 right back rail if it gives you a hard time. Consult the SP-1 owner’s manual if you have any questions on the parts or removal process.

3. Find the feedneck on the top of your SP-1 and cut it off with a hacksaw. This is the cylindrical section that sticks out from the top of your rail. The cut should be flush with the bottom of the feedneck, where it meets the rail.

4. Use a Dremel tool with a diamond-coated sanding disc and sand down the rough edges of the cut. The end result should be a smooth area where you cut the feedneck off.

5. Grab the SP-1 tube that you removed from the body when you disassembled it, wet it slightly with water and place it into the SP-1 body. You should be able to see the tube through the feedneck hole you have been working on.

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6. Mix your plastic cement according to the product instructions. Always read the entire user instructions and warnings before beginning.

7. Grab a ball of the cement and gently place it into the feedneck hole. Smooth the plastic cement out so the cement covers the hole and the top sits flush with the rest of the body. The cement is covering the hole and making the body a uniform shape. Do not push the cement very hard into the hole; only work with gentle pressure. Allow the cement to dry according to the instructions.

8. Grab your Rip Clip and position it on the side of the rail, right below the cemented hole. Use a pencil to mark where the new feeding hole needs to be on the rail. Mark the whole perimeter of the new feeding hole so you know how big to make it.

9. Use a drill to make a new feeding hole. Make a slightly angled hole with a smaller drill bit to use as a guide. Find the drill bit that fits the mark you made and drill a hole through the rail side, just enough to penetrate all the way through.

10. Place the metal tube into the SP-1 body where it would normally go and use a pencil to mark where the newly cut hole is. This will indicate where you need to cut a hole on the metal tube. Make sure you get the perimeter of the hole drawn well onto the tube.

11. Use the Dremel and a carbon head to cut the marked hole. You will have to put the tube into the SP-1, check the hole, take it out, cut and repeat until the hole is sufficiently cut. Don’t overcut, and avoid cutting the O-rings that are present on the tube.

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12. Rinse all parts of your SP-1 that have shaving from the cuts you have made with water. Dry with a lint-free cloth.

13. Loosen the thumb nuts on the Rip Clip in a counterclockwise direction. These two nuts are found on the backside of the Rip Clip. Position the Rip Clip onto the rail, left side first. Slide it forward until the feedholes match up. Tighten the thumb nuts until snug.