Put A Scope On A Crossbow

Mounting a scope to your crossbow can greatly improve your accuracy and your ability to acquire targets quickly. Crossbows almost exclusively use dovetail rail mounts as a base for installing crossbow scopes, most modern crossbows are produced with these rail mounts preinstalled. For crossbows that do not have rail mounts attached, they can be easily attached to the rear sight. Most crossbows scopes, such as red dot scopes, are equipped with scope rings compatible with rail mounts.


Rail Mount Install

1. Use your allen wrench to remove the bolt located on the left hand side (near the front) of the rear sight. Use your screwdriver to remove the rearmost screw from the top of the sight.

2. Place the rail mount on the sight. Line up the horizontal screw hole, located on the lower side of the mount, and the vertical screw hole, located near the back of the mount, with the corresponding holes in the rear sight.

3. Use your allen wrench to reinstall the bolt into the left side of the rear sight and your screwdriver to reinstall the screw on top of the sight.

Scope Install

4. Loosen the retention screws at the bottom of the of scope rings to allow you to spread the brackets.

5. Place the scope on the rail mount, place the mounting screws within the slots of the rail mount and position the brackets over the edges of the rail mount.

6. Tighten the retention screws. Your scope is now mounted.

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