Put A Scope On A Paint Ball Gun

Do you want better accuracy and be able to eliminate some of your competition from greater distances? Then mounting a scope on your paintball gun will increase your odds for both of these tasks.


The Steps

1. Begin by determining if you are satisfied with the barrel that you have on your paintball gun at this point in time or if you would like a longer sniper type barrel.

2. Once you have the barrel of choice that you will use for you new paintball setup, you can install the universal scope mounting kit. This kit allows the scope to be mounted to the barrel of the gun, and will be out of the way of the hopper and other attachments on the weapon.

3. Install the scope on the mounting brackets, which are already mounted on the gun barrel. The scope is equipped with two large clamp style screws. Loosen the large screws and slide the scope on the mounting brackets.

4. Tighten the clamp style screws until they are snug. You are now ready to zero the scope for accuracy.

5. Place it at around 25 yards with a 2-3 inch circle drawn in the center of the cardboard for a target. This will help you determine how the scope needs to be adjusted for your barrel.

6. Place the gun on a solid table or shooting bench and sand bags or preferably a small shooting vise to prevent the gun from moving.

7. Shoot the gun a couple of times to see where the paintballs strike the cardboard and how close the circle. While the gun is in the same spot or position remove the vertical and horizontal adjusting caps from the scope.

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8. Looking through the scope adjust the vertical adjustment until it is in the center of the circle vertically. Now do the same for the horizontal adjustment.

9. Shoot the gun a couple more times to see where the paintballs strike the target after you made your adjustments.

10. Check for accuracy and either follow the steps from step 8 if necessary for more adjustment or remove the gun from the vise or sand bags and check tightness of all mounting screws.

11. Now you are ready for action and fun. Go enjoy your new long-range sniper style paintball gun.