Put A Scope On A Paintball Gun

Paintball guns are generally sold with only the basics necessary for shooting. They don’t comes with any extras. Additional gun components can be purchased separately and added to the gun as needed. If you are a long-range shooter, one addition that will be extremely helpful to you is a good scope.


1. Use the scope rail on the gun body if it has one. Although guns don’t come standard with scopes, many tactical paintball guns do provide a standard rail for attaching one.

2. Attach the scope to the rail with a ring mount, which ia available at any paintball supplier. Ring mounts come with bolts and screws for proper attachment.

3. If necessary, remove the carrying handle of the gun. Some handles are attached to the rail with ring mounts, just like a scope can be. Simply unscrew the mounts and remove the handle. The rail on the gun will be ready for mounting the scope.

4. Replace the handle. Since the handle was probably attached by a ring mount, you won’t need any additional equipment. You can use the hardware you already have.

5. If the handle can’t be removed, mount the scope on top of it. The handle should have a scope rail on top, and you can attach the scope to the rail with ring mounts.

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