Put A Shorty Exhaust On A 05 R6

As delivered from Yamaha, your 2005 YZF-R6 is fitted with a large muffler that excels at reducing both gaseous and noise emissions. It’s also fairly heavy and not very attractive, especially when compared to the low-slung short mufflers used on the 2006 and newer R6 models. However, a quick look through your local Yamaha dealer’s parts catalogs will uncover a selection of shorty-style slip-on mufflers that will enhance the look of your R6, while reducing its overall weight. Installation should take less than an hour, thanks to the readily accessible design of the R6’s exhaust system.


1. Select a level work area and mount your R6 on a swingarm stand to support it in a vertical position. Let the motorcycle’s exhaust cool for at least one hour.

2. Unscrew the mounting bolts on both sides of the lower fairing with a 4-mm Allen wrench. Lower the fairing away from the motorcycle until you can remove it completely.

3. Loosen the clamp securing the muffler to the exhaust’s header pipes, positioned directly below the rider’s right foot peg, with a 10-mm socket and a socket wrench.

4. Unscrew the muffler’s hanger bolt from the passenger’s right foot peg bracket with a 12-mm socket and a socket wrench. Grasp the muffler with both hands and pull it to the rear of the motorcycle until it is free of the header pipe’s flange.

5. Clean the header pipe’s flange with an automotive parts cleaning spray to remove any carbon build-up that will affect the seal between the header pipe and the new muffler. Use a plastic-bristled brush to remove large carbon deposits.

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6. Spread a thin layer of high-temperature silicone sealant around the new muffler’s mating surface, then push the muffler into the header pipe‘s flange. Align the muffler’s hanger bracket, if equipped, with the mounting bracket on the bottom of the passenger’s right foot peg. Loosely bolt the muffler’s hanger bracket to the foot peg, using a 12-mm socket and a socket wrench.

7. Reposition the muffler until it is fully-seated within the header pipe’s flange, then tighten the exhaust clamp to 15 foot-pounds, using a 10-mm socket and a torque wrench. Tighten the muffler’s hanger bolt, if used, to 17 foot-pounds, using a 10-mm socket and a torque wrench.

8. Lift the lower fairing into place under your R6, then screw the fairing’s mounting bolts into place with a 4-mm Allen wrench.