Put Air In A Portable Air Tank

Portable air tanks are useful as a means of providing compressed air to pump up tires or other equipment in remote locations. Portable air tanks are filled with air from large, stand alone compressors via a refill valve on the rear portion of the portable tank. Putting air into portable air tanks is easy and anyone can do it with a little bit of practice. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Unscrew the refill valve on the rear of the tank. Don’t worry, this will not release any air left in the tank, it simply opens the valve to accept air.

2. Attach the compressor hose to the refill valve on the portable air tank and turn the compressor on.

3. Depress the compressor hose handle and allow air to start flowing into the tank. Watch the air pressure gauge on the front of the portable tank to determine when the tank is filled.

4. Pull the compressor hose off of the refill valve when the gauge indicates the tank is full and turn the compressor off.

5. Screw the refill back down tight and use the portable air tank at will.

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