Put Goggles On

Put goggles on before taking a dip.

Whether you’re about to go swimming, approaching a science project, or preparing to chop onions for dinner, wearing goggles is a great protective measure. Goggles provide a layer between your sensitive eyes and the elements, just as a car’s windshield protects passengers from debris. There are many different styles, but putting goggles on generally requires a single set of actions.


1. Hold the goggles by the lenses in one hand. Grip the adjustable band with the other hand.

2. Estimate whether or not the adjustable strap will be a good fit for your head by pulling it outward. When in doubt, leave more than enough slack on the adjustable strap. Tighten the strap once the goggles are in place.

3. Hold the lens portion of the goggles up to your face using one hand. Pull the strap around the back of your head using your other hand. The adjustable band should rest comfortably in the space above each ear.

4. Turn your head from side to side and gauge whether or not the goggles are too loose or too tight. They should not flop around, nor should you feel pressure in the eye area because of suction. Make the necessary adjustments to the adjustable band for comfortable wear.

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