Put On A Pocket Protector

Pocket protectors can hold a variety of writing utensils with ease.

There are few things that can ruin a nice shirt faster than a leaky pen. Pocket protectors are a simple solution to leaky ink problems at school or work. Although pocket protectors are regularly stereotyped as nerdy or geeky in popular culture, they are practical, and some are even stylish. If you use a pocket protector in a sensible color to match your ensemble, it can complement your outfit, rather than hindering it. If you’ve never used a pocket protector, you may not know put it on, but the process is surprisingly simple. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Inspect the pocket protector for tears before using it. Pocket protectors are rendered useless if they contain even a small rip.

2. Slide the pocket protector in your shirt pocket as deeply as possible, keeping the flapped side facing outward. Not all pocket protectors have flaps, but most do. If your pocket protector has no flap, then slide it into your pocket with the protector’s shorter side facing outward.

3. Fold the outer flap over the front of your pocket so it covers the front edge of the pcoket. The purpose of this flap is to allow pen caps to easily clip onto the edge of the pocket. With the edge folded over your pocket, the protector is secured and ready to accept pens or pencils.