Put On A Shemagh

Put on a Shemagh

A shemagh is a specially wrapped bandana, which covers a person’s head to protect from dust, sand and cold weather. They are worn traditionally in the Middle East to protect from the extreme desert climate. In the West, they are commonly worn as an inexpensive mask to keep the face and head warm during cold weather. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Lay the shemagh flat out in front of you. Fold the shemagh, matching two of the corners together and forming a large triangle.

2. Place the shemagh on top of your head, with the bottom of the triangle over your forehead and the point hanging between your shoulder blades. The two other points should hang down in front of you.

3. Ensure one of the points is slightly longer than the other. Pull the shorter end under your chin and up in front of the longer end, near your ear.

4. While holding the shorter end in position, pull the longer end over across your face, just over your nose. Allow only the eyes to remain uncovered.

5. Bring the short and long ends together behind your head and tie them together. Adjust the shemagh so that you can breathe comfortably, and so that it remains snug on your head.

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