Put Packing Tape In A Tape Gun

Tape guns make taping jobs go much quicker and more efficient. They allow tension to be put on the tape, keep the loose end from sticking to the roll and have a serrated edge that makes an easy, clean cut to the tape. Although they are great as they are in all these aspects, it is not obvious load them with tape.


1. Set the tape gun on a flat surface with the tape wheel facing up.

2. Press a new roll of tape onto the tape wheel, with the loose end of the tape facing the front of the gun and the sticky side facing down towards the handle.

3. Open the spring loaded flip at the front of the gun with one hand, grab the loose end of the tape and pull it through the opening between the flip and the roller. Pull about 6 to 8 inches of tape through.

4. Allow the flip to close. Pick up the tape gun with one hand, grasp the loose end of the tape with the other and pull it up and over the plastic shield and towards you. This will cause the serrated cutting edge to come out and cut off the tab on the loose end of the tape.

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