Put Together A Freak Jr Paintball Barrel

Improve your paintball play with equipment upgrades.

Paintball is one of the fastest-growing extreme sports of the past decade. After enjoying minimal popularity during the 1980s and 90s, the entrance of high-quality equipment and professional teams in the early 2000s created a surge in popularity and participation. Since every player shoots the same .68 caliber paintball, the differences in player accuracy lie in two areas: experience and the quality of gear. The paintball marker barrel is one of the easiest upgrades, offering immediate improvement to the marker’s accuracy.


Selecting Equipment

1. By upgrading the paintball marker barrel, the player can significantly improve the accuracy of the paintball marker. The Freak Jr. and Freak paintball marker barrel kits are moderately priced, multi-piece, high-performance kits. By adjusting the internal size of the barrel, a player will improve the accuracy of the paintball projectile.

2. Select the front and back of the Freak kit, which are threaded to the brand of marker. When arriving at a paintball field, set aside the barrel and the three internal sleeves of the Freak Jr. barrel kit until after purchasing the paintballs to be used for the day.

3. Examine the internal sleeves to the Freak barrel kit, and determine which sleeve most closely fits the size of the purchased paintballs. The paintball’s actual size will vary by manufacturer, temperature and humidity on the day. Drop two or three paintballs individually through each of the colored sleeve inserts. The paintball should drop through the sleeve without binding and without showing excessive air space between the ball and the sleeve. Select the sleeve that is most closely sized to the purchased paintball.

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4. Insert the colored sleeve into the back of the Freak Jr. barrel kit. Thread the front and back of the barrel together. Make sure the parts are only hand-tight, and do not overtighten. Thread the barrel onto the paintball marker.