Put Together A Piranha R6 Paintball Gun

Head to a paintball course and have some fun.

Paintball is a sport that simulates combat with less lethal consequences. Paintball guns fire hard and round paint pellets that explode on contact, leaving the target with a paint splotch and a bruise. Paintball courses typically pit one team against another with the goal of capturing the other team’s flag. The Piranha R6 is a paintball weapon that fires the aforementioned paintballs. Assemble the R6 according to the directions to ensure safe firing and accurate shots.


1. Push the safety switch by the trigger guard to On. Screw the barrel into the firearm stock at the barrel threads. Turn the barrel clockwise until resistance is felt.

2. Push the CO2 chamber back to the trigger guard. Insert a CO2 cartridge so the tip is facing the back of the weapon. Push the chamber closed and let the CO2 cartridge break open and charge the weapon.

3. Screw the field stripping pin closed. This is the metal dial on the left side of the firearm, above the trigger. Load 8 paintballs into the magazine.

4. Push the magazine up and into the bottom of the handle. Listen for a click indicating the magazine is locked and in the weapon.

5. Clip the 10-degree bottom line adapter to the bottom of the magazine and run the hose up to the hose valve in front of the trigger guard. Twist the hose onto the valve turning the coupling clockwise until tension is felt.

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