Reassemble A Bersa 380

The Bersa Thunder .380 is Bersa’s best-selling selling model, according to the company. The weapon is chambered in .380 ACP, and has a magazine capacity of seven rounds. A total of eight rounds can be carried in the weapon if a round is chambered. In order to properly maintain the weapon, periodic maintenance is necessary. This process requires field-stripping the weapon. Once field-stripped, the Bersa .380 must be reassembled properly in order to fire.


1. Fit the spring onto the barrel at the front. Slide the spring onto the barrel until it slips over the barrel groove. Wiggle the spring slightly to ensure that it is secure.

2. Hold the weapon with your right hand. Extend your index finger and depress the disassembly button. This is located just in front of the trigger guard.

3. Hold down the disassembly button. Line the slide-grooves up with the slide-rail. Slip the slide onto the weapon at the rear and push forward. Release the disassembly button.

4. Rack the slide a couple of times. This is to ensure that the slide pulls fully to the rear, and springs back forward. Racking is simply pulling the slide to the rear and letting it spring forward on its own power. If the slide doesn’t pull back and spring forward smoothly, depress the disassembly button. Pull off the slide to ensure that it is lined up properly along the grooves.

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