Reassemble A Spyder E Marker

Spyder manufactures a wide range of entry-level paintball markers, all of which share the same basic internal design. Some are equipped with electronics in the grip frame that replace the direct linkage between the trigger and the sear, which holds back the hammer. While the internal components will feature the same design, electronic markers may have an additional feature called “eyes” that prevent the maker from breaking paintballs by firing too quickly. Thus, reassembly is largely the same for both mechanical and electronic Spyder markers, as long as extra considerations are made for the electronic sear and eyes.


Valve and Foregrip

1. Lay out the components in front of you, arranging them by how similar they fit in the marker. Clean any dirty or greasy components by soaking them in soap and water, Dry their parts with paper towels.

2. Unscrew any air tanks or remote lines and try to fire the marker to ensure that there is no air source connected to your marker. Do not attach a CO2 or high-pressure air tank until the marker is completely assembled and you are in an area where it is safe to fire.

3. Assemble the valve unit, which is comprised of the valve pin, cup seal, cup seal guide, valve spring and valve body. The valve pin is seated in the cup seal, which in turn is seated in the cup seal guide. The valve spring should slide over the end of the cup seal and this assembly is placed inside the valve body with the pin pointed out.

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4. Insert the valve into the front of the lower tube of the body and fix it either by pin or by screw, depending on which Spyder model that you own.

5. Insert the vertical adapter, which will be fastened by one screw on the underside of the body.

6. Screw the regulator or gas-thru grip into the vertical adapter on the bottom. If applicable, screw the volumizer into the front of the vertical adapter.

Grip Frame

7. Reassemble the grip frame. If you removed any electronic components, such as the board or solenoid, screw them back into place. Make sure that the trigger and sear assemblies are properly installed and operable.

8. Determine if your marker has eyes by looking for small plastic sensors on the end of wires running from the grip frame. If so, carefully route the eye wires in the channel of the grip frame so they do not get pinched when you attach the frame.

9. Attach the grip frame to the underside of the body with a screw at the back and one or two screws at the front, depending on the model.

10. Place the eyes and screw down the eye covers.

11. Screw down the grips.

Internal Components

12. Lightly oil the hammer and bolt with paintball marker oil. One drop on each should be enough.

13. Slide the hammer and bolt into the rear of the body with the pin linking them so that they will be properly aligned.

14. Insert the hammer spring behind the hammer. Behind the spring usually goes a spacer and spring guide.

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15. Insert the rear velocity adjuster and secure it with a pin. Be careful, as the hammer spring will be under tension at this point.

16. Attach a top or rear cocking handle by screwing the handle down through the top of the body for a top-cocking handle or by screwing the handle into the back of the bolt for a rear-cocking bolt.