Reassemble An M16 Airsoft Rifle

Reassemble an M16 Airsoft Rifle

The M16 Airsoft rifle is a sophisticated air gun that mimics the look of an M16 rifle so accurately it can shoot projectiles almost as fast as the real weapon fires bullets. It is advisable to reassemble the M16 Airsoft rifle right after having taken it apart for cleaning so that dirt and dust do not get inside the gun and cause problems with it functioning. You will need the same tools that were used to disassemble the rifle. Reassembling the M16 Airsoft will take you about the same amount of time it took for you to take it apart, or it can even be faster.


1. Pace the M16 frame horizontally on the soft cloth with the barrel of the rifle facing to the left.

2. Place the hammer plate onto the back top edge of the rifle. Place the gun stock against the hammer plate and fit it into the slot on the back edge. Use a Phillips screwdriver to attach the screw that fits beneath the gun stock where it meets the hammer plate.

3. Place the trigger guard assembly onto the bottom middle of the M16 frame. Attach the screws around the trigger guard assembly with the Phillips screwdriver.

4. Place the magazine cartridge gearbox onto the M16 frame in front of the trigger guard assembly on the left side. Attach the screws around the magazine cartridge gearbox with the Phillips screwdriver.

5. Slide the barrel into the upper receiver until it is all the way inside.

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6. Place the upper receiver onto the top front end of the M16 frame. Slide the upper receiver all the way to the back end of the frame.

7. Insert the pin that fits into the hole on the other side of the M16 frame, making sure it slots through the hole in the front of the trigger guard assembly. Insert the pin into the hole on the other side of the M16 frame and through the hole in the front of the magazine cartridge gearbox.

8. Put the magazine back into the bottom of the magazine cartridge.