Rebuild A Golf Car Seat

Golf car seats can be replaced.

Seats on a golf car break down and become worn with use. The foam padding loses resilience. The vinyl seat covering material gets cracked and faded from constant exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Custom replacements are costly and cannot always be found to fit a given golf car. You can rebuild a golf car seat in a single afternoon. Give your golf car a new look using a few tools from your work bench.


1. Remove the worn seat from the golf car. Most golf car seats are contained by angle metal on four sides. This allows easy removal of the seat for access to the golf car batteries. Remove the back rest for the seat from the vertical supports by removing the screws or bolts that hold the back rest in place.

2. Place the seat and back rest upside down on a work bench or table. Remove the staples that secure the vinyl to the plywood base with a narrow screw driver or staple puller. Save the vinyl covers for the seat and back rest as patterns for the new vinyl. Observe how the vinyl is folded at the seat corners. Save the foam pads for use as patterns. Save the plywood bases as patterns for new plywood.

3. Cut new plywood bases for the seat and back rest using the old parts as patterns. Round the corners of the plywood with a saber or coping saw. Cut new foam for the seat and back rest using the old foam as patterns. Apply white all-purpose glue to the top sides of the seat and back rest plywood bases. Center replacement foam on the plywood bases. Allow one hour for the glue to dry and hold the foam in place.

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4. Cut the new vinyl for the seat and back rest. Use the old vinyl as patterns. Cut the new vinyl one inch larger than the old vinyl using heavy scissors. Place the vinyl for the seat on the work surface with the finish side down. Center the seat unit, foam-side down, on the seat vinyl. Test the fit by folding each edge over the plywood. Adjust as necessary.

5. Begin stapling to the plywood on the front or back side of the seat. Staple from the middle of the seat to the end, placing 5/16-inch staples at one-inch spacing. Staple the opposite side of the vinyl beginning at the middle of the seat. Pull the vinyl tight as you place each staple. Staple each end, folding the vinyl to duplicate the fold in the original vinyl. Work from the center to each end. Repeat these steps for the back rest. Trim excess vinyl. Position the back rest in place and attach with the original screws or bolts. Replace the seat unit.