Recommended Paintball Attire

Loose-fitting camouflage is recommended for paintball.

A game of paintball can take its toll on the body, with bruises and welts being common battle scars. Proper gear and attire are necessary to either eliminate or minimize painful wounds, and can also serve as an integral part of the strategy for outfoxing your opponent.

Cover Your Skin

Long sleeves should be worn whether paintballing indoors or out, even in the heat of the summer. The force of the paintball when expelled from the gun is so great that it can break the skin if you get hit, which is why you don’t want to wear shorts when playing this game; keep your hands covered as well. The only part of your body that can remain exposed is your fingers, as the grip of your skin gives the best trigger pull. Fingerless gloves are often recommended.

Layer Up

The heavier your clothing, the less chance of bruising if a paintball hits you. Several layers are recommended more than wearing just one layer of thick clothes because you can remove a layer if the bulkiness becomes cumbersome, and if you find you are wearing too much. Any layers you choose to wear need to be loose fitting for both comfort and ease of movement.


If you are playing outdoors, a pair of sturdy hiking-type boots is recommended. They need to have excellent traction, in case you are caught in mud or climbing hills. If you are indoors, hiking boots are not necessary, but you need to wear something with ankle support. Some people choose to wear football cleats, but you can also purchase cleats specially made for this sport in some paintball stores. Remember to wear thick socks under whatever shoes or boots you choose.

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Head Gear

A baseball-type mask is recommended to protect your face from the impact of the paintball. A backward baseball cap can be worn to keep the mask in place and protect the back of your neck. Knit caps can also be worn, as well as masks with two panes of fog-free acrylic glass or heavy-duty plastic for protection.


If you are playing outdoors in the woods, you want to blend in to your surroundings to hide from your enemy like a hunter or soldier would, so camouflage prints are often worn. You can also purchase vests to protect your chest with camouflage prints. If you do not have camouflage and do not want to buy any, wear dark colors like brown, black or forest green.