Refill A Co2 Cylinder

If you are a paintball player, then you know how much fun the game can be. The feeling one receives from running around, using tactics, and attempting to shoot someone to win the game is a rush that must be felt to be understood. However, once you are out of C02 gas, you need to know refill the tank. Luckily, refilling the C02 cylinder is not very difficult.


1. Attach the end rod of the ASA adapter on the refill station kit to the nozzle of the C02 cylinder. Turn on the refill station scale and turn it to zero (make sure the unit of measurement for your scale is set to ounces). Using the weight, check to see what the base weight in ounces is for your cylinder. Write this measurement down.

2. Place safety glasses and gloves on before you begin refilling the cylinder. Unscrew the end of the ASA adapter on your refill station kit to turn it off. Once off, attach the rod to the end of the cylinder.

3. Turn off the main valve of the C02 tank (the main valve has a screw on the top). Additionally, turn off the cut-off valve and the purge valve as well. Turn the ASA adapter on by turning it clockwise and hang the cylinder by the hook of the refill station scale. Look at the refill station scale and see what the number says: this is how many ounces needs to be refilled.

4. Turn on the main valve and open the cut-off valve. Watch the scale and see what it says: this is how much pressure can be placed into this cylinder at this time. Close the cut-off valve and open the purge valve. This will release all of the C02 remaining inside the cylinder so you can fill the tank with new air.

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5. Open the cut-off valve and fill it to an ounce below what it will hold. The reason for not filling it to its maximum is for safety: if you go to a warmer place or an area with a higher altitude, it could burst the top off of your tank, ultimately damaging it and potentially hurting you. If you get too much C02 into your tank, open the purge valve to release excess C02.