Refill A Paintball Gun With Co2

A paint ball gun is good only when it has the CO2 (carbon dioxide) it needs to fire. If you’re using anything more than a 12-gram CO2 cylinder, you won’t need to buy a new source of air when yours runs out. You can simply refill it at the nearest CO2 refill station. With proper maintenance, a paint ball cylinder can last you years, and by following the correct refill procedures you won’t find yourself sidelined by an empty tank for long.


1. Attach the CO2 cylinder refill kit onto the CO2 refill tank, screwing the kit into place on the tank’s nozzle. Tighten the kit securely to the tank with a wrench. Check the refill kit to be sure that the kit is set to off before connecting it to the refill tank. The refill kit is a specially designed hose and valve connector that fit to a standard CO2 cylinder and allow you to fill the empty CO2 cylinder while venting off excess gas via a bleed valve. Refill tanks can be found at sports supply stores or specialty paint ball shops, as can cylinder refill kits.

2. Connect the empty CO2 cylinder to the ASA adapter of the refill kit, with the cutoff valve, the bleed valve and the main tank valve all switched to the “Off” position, as well as the switch on the ASA adapter. The ASA adapter connects to your cylinder and allows the refill kit to screw onto the cylinder for filling.

3. Turn the valve at the top of the ASA adapter to the on position by tightening it. This will drive a pin into your cylinder and open the way for the CO2.

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4. Hang the cylinder on the digital weight scale and zero the scale out. Release the main valve on the CO2 refill tank. Open the cutoff valve on the refill kit and release the CO2 into the cylinder. The CO2 will begin to fill the cylinder but will not fill it entirely because of the tank and bottle being at room temperature. Once the pressure in the CO2 refill tank and the pressure in the CO2 cylinder are equal, the CO2 will stop filling the tank.

5. Close the cutoff valve on the refill kit and bleed the gas from the cylinder by opening the bleed valve. The gas will escape through the bleed valve and will cool the cylinder, making it possible to fill the cylinder completely.

6. Close the bleed off valve on the refill kit and then turn the cutoff valve on, filling the cylinder with CO2. Fill the cylinder only to within an ounce of its capacity to leave room for gas expansion.

7. Close the main valve, cutoff valve and ASA valve. Remove the ASA adapter from the cylinder and unscrew the kit from the refill tank.