Refill A Squadbuster With Orange Paint

Fill your grenade with paint.

Squadbuster paintball grenades are made of a long tube with two “bubbles.” If you have finished a grenade, you can refill it to avoid purchasing a new grenade. You need all of the original parts of the grenade, including the BBs and the orange grenade cover. Some paintball players prefer to use a paint solution of equal parts paint and water while other players prefer to use pure paint for their grenades.


1. Clamp the long tube in the center using the surgical tubing clamp.

2. Open the lid of the spray bottle and fill it with orange paint. Remove the tip from the nozzle of the spray bottle. Push one end of the tube onto the nozzle.

3. Pull the trigger of the spray bottle to fill the tube. There should be a large bubble in the tube. Continue pulling the trigger until the bubble is about the size of your hand.

4. Pinch the tube in front of the bottle and pull the tube off the nozzle.

5. Push the BB into the tube, on the side with the bubble.

6. Repeat the filling process on the other side of the tube. Pull the tube off the nozzle and bend the tube, so that the bubbles are parallel to each other.

7. Place the cap on the ends of the tube, so that it covers both tubes. Push the cap until it is tight. Remove the clamp and slide the grenade grips onto the grenade.

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