Refill Hpa Air Tanks

Some paintball guns use HPA tanks to propel the paintballs.

High-pressure air tanks are used in paintball guns as an alternative to C02. Paintball guns with HPA tanks can be refilled at an HPA refill station. These refill stations are sometimes set up to fill both nitrogen and compressed air. It is important to follow the proper procedures when filling an HPA tank to avoid damaging the tank or causing injury.


1. Remove the nipple cover from the fill nipple on the HPA tank.

2. Pull the collar cover of the refill line down and attach the collar to the fill nipple. Release the collar cover so the collar can lock into place over the fill nipple. Make sure the connection is secure by gently tugging on the refill line.

3. Hold on to the refill line directly below the nipple connection. Press the button on the fill station to turn it on.

4. Let go of the button when the pressure gauge reaches the correct amount of pressure for your HPA tank. Some HPA fill station tanks automatically stop when the appropriate amount of air pressure is achieved.

5. Pull the collar cover down to release the connection from the fill nipple. Remove the fill line from the HPA tank. Replace the nipple cover on the fill nipple.

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