Refill Paintball Gun Bottles

Refilling your own paintball air tank can save money if you play the sport frequently.

Paintball guns use compressed air bottles, or CO2 tanks, to power and shoot paintballs. In this sport, participants wear protection and headgear and split off into teams to do battle with their paintball guns. After a certain amount of use, you will need to have your CO2 tank refilled to keep your paintball gun functioning properly. While you can visit your local sporting goods store to have the tank refilled, you can also take a few steps to complete the job yourself.


1. Screw your adapter onto the end of the paintball gun air tank. This will release pressure in the tank. Hold the adapter in place until the tank is empty.

2. Check the label on the side of your paintball cylinder tank to confirm its size, such as 12 or 24 oz.

3. Unscrew the adapter and close your cylinder’s valve. Zero out the tank on a digital scale.

4. Hook up your tank of the liquid CO2 and start refilling your paintball tank while it is still on the digital scale. Once the scale reads the ounce limit listed on your tank, turn off the pressure on the air supply and remove your paintball tank.

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