Refill Paintball Tanks

Paintball is a fast-growing sport that requires courage, bravery, and sound strategy. Players are equipped with guns powered by compressed air that shoot small balls of paint at high speeds. Operating a paintball gun requires periodically refilling its tank with compressed air. Certain sporting goods stores perform that service, but you can do yourself if you take precautions.


Filling a Paintball Tank

1. Purchase or lease a bulk ( 20- or 40-lb.) compressed air tank from a welding supply company. You can also purchase one online.

2. Buy a compressed air fill station. The fill station attaches your smaller tank to the bulk tank. You can get fill stations from a number of paintball sites on the Internet or paintball stores in your area.

3. Attach your fill station to your bulk tank and your 20-oz tank to the other end of your fill station. Be sure to empty your small tank, which you can do by depressing the pin at the top of the tank. You can hear when your tank is empty when the hissing of the compressed air coming out of your tank stops.

4. Weigh your empty tank with your scale to ensure it is indeed empty. Reset the gauge of the scale back to zero so you can measure how much compressed air you have filled your tank with.

5. Reattach your 20-oz. tank to the fill station and fill your tank to an ounce or two under capacity.

6. Remove your tank and open the bleed valve on your fill station to remove any compressed air in the hose.

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7. Weigh your tank to ensure it is at or under capacity. Make sure your tank is not overfilled, as it could burst.